Alexa Smart Home deployment — automated

Hi all — long time listener, first time caller. I’ve been using Alexa integration for about a year. I remember it being, well, hard and confusing to set up. Recently I decided to redo my site, and, well, it was hard and confusing, so I learned a little more about ASK and automating skill deployment using ASK CLI and AWS CLI. I bundled the bridge skill code (largely rewritten, but still based on prior art) into a git repo. It is possible now to clone this repo, and run two commands to deploy your bridge skill, without any interaction with the Alexa or AWS consoles.

In short, when you’re looking at Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill, this takes you from Requirements to Alexa Smart Home Configuration in about a minute (not counting the time to set up your Alexa Developer and AWS access, so YMMV).

I called this repo AHAB, for Alexa/HA Bridge. Comments are welcome; I’ll try to follow up on suggestions and such. In particular, I am in the US so I use pitangui and us-east-1. Better support for layla and European regions would be good, if in keeping with the goal of making deployment as simple as feasible.