Alexa Smart Home doesn't expose template sensor

After configuring the Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill everything works fine. Also proactive events work as expected.
There is only one problem: my template sensors don’t get recognized by Alexa. I started investigating the reason of this problem and finally I found out that it is not due to Alexa by to HA!
The Lambda function test (Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill - Home Assistant) output doesn’t include the sensor!
Can anyone help me figure out if I’m doing anything wrong?

Here’s the sensor template definition (temp is taken from a climate entity):

  - sensor:
     - name: "Soggiorno - Temperatura"
       unit_of_measurement: 'degrees'
       state: "{{ state_attr('climate.soggiorno', 'current_temperature') }}"

Here is the Alexa configuration:

        - alarm_control_panel.blink_casa
        - climate.condizionatore_sala
        - cover.tende
        - media_player.lg_tv
        - cover.cancello
        - switch.osram_plug_01_13e2000a_on_off
        - sensor.soggiorno_temperatura


        name: "Temperatura soggiorno"
    #locale: it-IT
    client_id: !secret alexa_skill_messaging_client_id
    client_secret: !secret alexa_skill_messaging_client_secret

I’d like to upload also Lambda function test output but it very long…anyway n the above image you can see that 6 endpoints are exposed, while I have 7 entities included in my Alexa config: sensor.soggiorno_temperatura is the one missing.


Hi There!

It looks like some words are in Italian while others are in English, my guess is that the mixed usage of the languages could cause some problems.

Try changing all the words to English, Otherwise my second guess would be that something isn’t working right in the Alexa portion

It was due to the unit of measure, now the template is:

  - sensor:
     - name: "Soggiorno - Temperatura"
       unit_of_measurement: '°C'
       state: "{{ state_attr('climate.soggiorno', 'current_temperature') }}"

and Alexa recognizes it!