Alexa smart home inconsistent with understanding utterrances

I have to exactly same input_booleans with different names. The other I can call “Alexa, close/open …” or “Alexa, turn on/off …”. But the other one works only with “turn on/off”, otherwise Alexa says “… doesn’t support that”.

How is this possible when the input_booleans are made exactly the same way?

Perhaps you could provide the code as well as describe which Alexa integration you are using??

Integration is alexa smart home and code is

    initial: false
    name: Bedroom blinds
    initial: false
    name: Kitchen blinds

Bedroom blinds work with “Alexa, open bedroom blinds”, and kitchen blinds does not.

As a test, I’d try changing the entity that isn’t working to a name that doesn’t use word “blinds”. My Alexa (using emulated hue) gets confused between all my x_lights, Y_lights, z_lights.