Alexa Smart Home - invalid redirect URI


I’m going to add the alexa integration via this this guideline. All worked very well but now I’m stuck at the point of linking the account from the developer console. I entered

Authorization URI: https://[MY WORKING DOMAIN]/auth/authorize
Access Token URI : https://[MY WORKING DOMAIN]/auth/token

but the alexa app does not discover any devices. When I call the entered domains manually, HA login screens appears with ‘Invalid redirect URI’

I already tried changing client ID from layla to pitangui but with no effect. Any suggestions?

No one any idea? :frowning:

When I activate the dec skill in the alexa app, it just starts looking for new devices instead of entering the HA login screen…

Do you have this in your configuration.yaml

        - cover.pc_curtains
        - cover.bed_curtains
        - media_player.monitor 

I have set the endpoint as I’m located in Germany but no filters. When i read the instructions correctly, this is only optional. Or not?

You’ll have to adjust for locale, but I was under the impression it was not optional.

Ideally you want it, because Alexa will load every single entity you have in HA unless you control the filter

Just added 4 entities to try, but the alexa app still just searches devices and neither can’t find some nor the HA login screen appears…

    locale: de-DE
        - climate.heizung_schlafzimmer
        - sensor.schlafzimmer_temperatur
        - climate.heizung_badezimmer
        - sensor.badezimmer_temperatur

Keep that in your config and i’ll work backwards. My works flawlessly. May reach out via DM for security issues…

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