Alexa Smart Home Skill - AWS Lambda Question

I got an email this morning mentioning changes being made to AWS Lambda Functions… I don’t know enough about how those work other than what the docs told me to copy and paste in setting up the ASHS… does anyone know if this is something that will affect the Alexa Smart Home Skill Lambda once implemented? Was just curious as I didn’t want to forget about it and have something break down the road when they actually implement these changes. Thanks.


I also got the same email. Does anybody know how it impacts our HA instances ?

Same here, just today.

Same here. Can anybody advise please? Alexa has recently started saying that devices/scripts are not responding, after successfully activating them. Could this be due to the changes that AWS have made? If so, how can we fix that?

I don’t believe any changes have actually been made yet… it says December 6th, so you may have another issue going on.


Update – October 8, 2021 : We’re extending the General Update from September 30 2021 to December 5 2021. The End of Delayed Update date is now also changed to December 6 2021.”

I read that as updates will be deployed between now and Dec 5, and your option to delay them is only until Dec 6.

Might try adding the opt-out option described and see if it makes any difference.

Curious if anyone can comment if this will even affect the custom integration or not? Email states “you may need to update your CLI and/or SDK-based automation workflows”