Alexa speed settings with template fan

I’m working on a template fan that’s specifically for use with Alexa. I’m creating it so that it checks which echo device was used to control it and then controls the appropriate fan for that room.

I’m running into issues with the speed settings. My fans are Haiku fans and have 7 speed settings. No matter what I do, when I control the template fan with Alexa, I get back Low, Medium, or High speeds. Does anyone know if I can get back the speeds I’ve fed it? Or even a higher resolution percentage?

Here’s my speed setting for the template fan:

          - 'off'
          - '1'
          - '2'
          - '3'
          - '4'
          - '5'
          - '6'
          - '7'


Pretty sure that’s all Alexa can do. Nothing you can do on your side but take low, medium, or high and translate them properly to the settings you want on your fan.

EDIT: And when I say Alexa, I’m not talking about home assistants integration, I’m talking about the echo itself.

Hmm weird. Because the Haiku skill can take percents and it will map to 1-7. Though, to be fair, it’s a switch in Alexa. This may explain why Haiku is using a Switch primitive and not a Fan.

Thanks for the sanity check!