Alexa stop to toggle a switch?

Is there a way, when alexa is asked to stop, to trigger ie. input boolean in HA?

The problem i have, we often use a toggle in HA dash to launch a skill in Alexa that plays nightsounds for the kid. For wife proofing purposes, i would like for it to toggle off when Alexa is asked to stop.

I know that i could just use a button-entity instead of a switch, but the switch is needed to run other automations if it is on.

Stop is a reserved word for Alexa. If you just say Alexa stop she will stop one of a number of builtin things (none of which will be your automation or switch). So it can’t just be. Stop.

You will have to be a little more concise. Alexa stop ‘something’ and make a routine that triggers an automation or script to stop your thing.

This much i have found out. But as i said, this is for wife proofing :sweat_smile: She is too used to using stop.

Too bad HA doesn’t trigger an event with stop. Not much i can do here then, i suppose?

Nope it’s not HA that’s stopping you. It’s Alexa’ internals and not a part of it you can change. It’s the down side of a walled garden like Alexa.

Just wait until one day they’re about to introduce a new feature and the new reserved word conflicts with a routine youve had forever… ;). It happens.

I know, just making sure there wasn’t anything i missed. Like if the state of the alexa would change when the skill is stopped… But i guess i will just have to go about and figure something else.