Alexa to Plex: Resume TV series with no remote buttons (node red)

I’m planning a new automation and wondering if others have ideas and integrations that could be used.

Goal: Use Alexa to trigger TV and automatically have Plex resume season/episode that I was watching.

Here’s what I came up with. :left_speech_bubble: Human effort is in bold:

Hardware is Echo, Harmony Hub, Fire TV.

Human: "Alexa, turn on Plex"

[alexa event] node (node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2) parses the words that were spoken to Alexa.

If command was “turn on plex”, then use Harmony integration to start “Watch Fire TV” activity. This turns-on all the electronics, but does NOT start the Plex app on the Fire TV. So…

Start the Plex app (on Fire TV) using the Android TV integration. Now Plex is on the screen but no video is playing. So…

Use the Alexa Media Player integration to start an Alexa Routine that subsequently starts the Plex skill “Open Plex”. Then Alexa will prompt the user…

Alexa: “What do you want to do with Plex?”

Human: "Play The Sopranos"

Alexa: “I noticed you were watching Season 2, Episode 4 of The Sopranos. Do you want to continue?”

Human: "Yes"

TV episode resumes from last-watched point.


  1. Navigating Fire TV and Plex menus is a pain. Say goodbye to pain!
  2. No buttons needed to start from all-electronics-OFF to resuming a TV show series.
  3. Plex skill does not have to be spoken, so WAF is higher. That is, human does NOT need to say “Alexa, TELL PLEX to play The Sopranos” because HA triggers the Plex skill. No one in my house ever remembers to add the Skill’s words “… TELL PLEX …”.

Seems like a lot of pieces for something that millions of people do daily. I feel like there should be other ways, so please let me know if you have better ideas.

Thanks go out to this reference tutorial:

have you played with having alexa recognize who is speaking and have it use their plex home profile?