Alexa to recognize HA script?

Any way to get the Alexa app to recognize a created script in HA? I know scenes used to be a thing but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore?!


I am pretty sure it is still just a scene…All of my scripts show up as Scenes when I go to create a Routine in the Alexa app.

What type of Alexa integration are you using?

I’m using nodered for the integration and the way it works there is to create an Alexa device in nodered and connect it to a node to trigger the script.

So, the Alexa command

"<wakeword>, turn <devicename> on"

triggers the script. To use a more elegant phrase, you could create an Alexa routine.

In my configuration.yaml I have:

    client_id: !secret ha_client_alexa_id
    client_secret: !secret ha_client_alexa_secret
        - media_player.roku_streaming_stick
        - switch
        - cover
        - script
        - scene

I don’t actually have any scene’s defined in HA, if i go to create a Routine in the Alexa app, I can see all of my scripts show up as Scene to select to turn on or off (the turning off doesn’t make sense of course, so I just create a Routine to turn it on) and it works fine…my 4 year old will say “Alexa, Turn on Christmas” which is a Routine I have that turns on a HA scene with the same name.

You can also of course just have it turn on a device like the way you wrote (or create more logical phrases like Open Garage Door instead of Turn on Garage Door).

I just realized that I didn’t state which actual integration I was using:

I followed those instructions a while ago. I think I remember that something in there wasn’t 100% accurate or clear, but I have been using it for at least 11 months. I did completely reset it up a few months ago as well without too much issue.
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This is perfect as I am heavily using node red as well… However, I got tired of the lackluster alexa contribs and decided it was better to support the devs and subscribed to nabu casa. I guess I could still use an old contrib for use case scenarios… Which contrib are you using for alexa nodes?


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