Alexa TTS Everywhere Group

Hi all,

So I have been using the alexa tts and it’s been working fine

  - service: media_player.play_media
      entity_id: media_player.everywhere
      media_content_id: amzn_sfx_doorbell_chime_01
      media_content_type: sound
  - service: notify.alexa_media
      message: There is somebody at the door!,
        type: tts
      target: media_player.everywhere

Has anyone managed a tts notification sent to the “everywhere” group?

I have added the devices into the group in the alexa app but it’s not working

If you want to send tts to all alexa devices, there should be a notify service with the name notify.alexa_media_everywhere. Have you tried this out?

@sheminasalam @garethiowc - i tried the everywhere and could not get it to work.
It works with individual Alexa devices, but not groups or the everywhere command.
Anyone got it working?

Please share the code you tried with everywhere service.

You have to use type: announce with any media player entity that alexa considers a speaker group, including media_player.everywhere. Using type: tts will not work.

Notification Component - Functionality

If you do not want to the announcement sound, you can use type: tts with a list of media_player entities:

service: notify.alexa_media
  message: This is my message
    type: tts
    - media_player.1
    - media_player.2
    - media_player.3

Thanks got that working with your entity list. thanks

I have checked that if a device is part of a group of a device then it does not work. In essence there is no way to send a may to a device in reality is a group or to any device which is part of a group.

Anyone has been successfull in doing this ?



It is unclear what you are asking.

It seems like you may be asking about using TTS with speaker groups. Please read Post #5 above

Of course I tried that options but I get voice messages only to devices that are not of a group.



Please post the script/automation that you are having an issue with as well as an explanation.

I am sending the request via service in the developer area. Here you go

service: notify.alexa_media
  message: Ciao mi chiamo Vincenzo
  - media_player.cucina
  - media_player.camera_letto
    type: announce
    method: all
  title: prova

The echo device camera_letto is part of a group of 2 device. This does not work
The echo device cucina works perfectly. This is standalone device and it is not part of any group

Thanks for the help