Alexa TTS question

hi, i am trying to get alexa tts to work. i followed all the steps and i get the integration.
now when i call this service

message: Hello dear friends from around the World!,
  type: tts
target: media_player.CHANGE_ME_TO_YOUR_DEVICE

i have this error.

extra keys not allowed @ data['media_content_id']
8:11:19 PM – Home Assistant WebSocket API (ERROR) - message first occurred at 7:45:57 PM and shows up 2 times
'>' not supported between instances of 'NoneType' and 'int'
8:05:21 PM – Home Assistant WebSocket API (ERROR)

just to make sure
media_player.CHANGE_ME_TO_YOUR_DEVICE is the eco dot entity is it right.
mine is media_player.massi_s_echo_dot. i want to confirm that is the name of my eco dot if so why is not working?