Alexa Turning Lights on and off Randomly at night

Hello everyone,

I apologize if this has already been asked and answered, but my search foo isn’t that great this morning. I use HA primarily with Insteon and Z-Wave. I have since signed up for HA Cloud for the alexa integration. Since I have signed up for that service, I am finding that lights are randomly turning on and off in the dead of night 1-4AM in the morning. When I go look at the logbook, every time it is reporting that Alexa is sending commands to the switches and trying to discover things. I’ve checked my account and only my 3 echos are showing so I’m not sure what’s happening. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can debug this or what not?



Check out Hunches in the Alexa app. If Alexa is making decisions to turnstuff on and off on its own, the information about what happened is there.

Sorry, I never saw a notification that you replied. I just checked Hunches and for all of the occurrences so far, a hunch was not triggered. I’ve also checked the activity log in alexa and it’s not picking up anyone asking for something to be turned on.

I’m having the same issue. Same log entry in HA but no activity log on Alexa

It WAS hunches. Took a while to find it.