Alexa turns my thermostats off

I have a small but annoying problem? I use home assistant with the official cloud together with alexa.
I have created groups for the individual rooms in the Alexa app and assigned all lamps, devices and thermostats to these groups. When I leave the room in the evening and give the command “Living room OFF”, it not only switches off the lights and appliances but also switches the thermostats to off mode, which it is not supposed to do. I can only prevent this by removing the thermostats from the group, but this means that I can no longer use the command “Set living room to 17 degrees”, for example. Does anyone have a solution to my problem?

Unless Amazon has changed the command hierarchy again, you should be able to create a routine in the Alexa app with your desired trigger phrase(s) to override the standard behavior. Since you’ll have to set up the routine anyway, I would just have it call an HA script and handle all the logic in HA rather than spending even one extra second using the Alexa app.