Alexa voice control with NodeRed on a RP4

Has anyone got a working Alexa node on NodeRed on a RP4.
I was using the Alexa-Home one but it suddenly stopped working and I could not find anywhere to put the “account” details.
I tried another Alexa node but that one needed me to open a browser to localhost:3456 to configure it which I don’t think is possible on an RP4.

I did set a username and password for nodered for HTTP but the page would never load although the web address did appear to try and redirect when I put the IP address followed by 3456.

All i want to do is voice control a device which doesn’t have full alexa intergration.
You would think this would be simple. I can’t find anything that works and I’ve been looking for the last 3 days.

Ignore this posting. The reason I could not get it to work was that I was using my Amazon account and not the integration account. It looks like my devices were deleted from Alexa app which is why they stopped respondiong.