Alexa: Where to start?


I want to be able to have alexa run some of my scripts/scenes/automations - What actually needs to be done?
I have the cloud: and alexa: in my configuration, I am logged into the Home Assistant Cloud, and I have the home assistant skill enabled.

Should I be following the Alexa instructions, or is it different when using the HA Cloud? I have tried asking a couple things, like trying to run my turn_off_office script by saying “tell home assistant to run turn off office”, but get answers like “office doesn’t support that”. I am clearly missing a step (or ten).


i don’t use the HA cloud but I think using it you no longer have to say “tell home assistant to…”.

look at your alexa app under smart home devices and see what it is expecting as to what the device is called.

The easiest way to get Alexa integrated is with the hue emulator. But there are at least 3 or more other ways in addition to hue if you want to get crazy.

EDIT: Actually. I take that back. I think the easiest way is now the cloud thing but Hue is pretty darn easy.


1 up for emulated_hue. I use it to turn on or off lights. I think scripts work as well but I never tried.

If you like the cloud component, you can also use that, but be aware that at some point in the future this will be a paid option. Anyhow, if you happen to like the cloud component you can consider it as some kind of donation for HA.

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Yes, scripts do work using emulated_hue.

Thanks, I will definitely check out the emulated_hue option!