Alexa with hass cloud


I would like to try Alexa with Home Assistant. I’m reading the documentation at:

I don’t have any physical Alexa device, I don’t want to configure anything on my router, and I don’t want to subscribe to any DNS service. Then I tried the “home assistant cloud” configuration.

  1. Is it true that in this way I can’t add my own skills and I can only use the Smart Home skill for Home Assistant?

  2. How can I test this skill with a simulator (for example: a webpage with a microphone) instead of a real Alexa device?


You can download the Alexa app on your phone and test it that way.
I think all you need in your config file is:


And add the HA skill in your Alexa account

ok, but In this way I can’t edit my own “home assistant skill”. I have to use a third party skill

Have you set up your own Alexa skill?
What are you looking to do that the existing skill isn’t doing?
It’s pretty easy if you have the cloud set up, ignore everything else on the documentation. I haven’t read it for ages but that was written pre-cloud days I think.

Since now I could only turn on/off a switch, with Alexa. I don’t understand if I can choose with Alexa all the things included in the light component that I can do with the webUI.

For example: how can I set a specific RGB color? How can start a color effect.

thanks for your reply