Alexa with multiple Invocations and multiple Intents

I used this guide to successfully set up HA as an endpoint for Alexa. So now I can say “Alexa, ask Aquarium water temperature”, and since my HA has a sensor value for this, I can get a nice response. I can create several skills, each with its own invocation name, so I can also say “Alexa, ask Pool salt level” which is also a sensor value I have on my HA (provided by my SWG). Of course, since both Skills (Aquarium and Pool) are pointing to the same endpoint (my Home Assistant on an RPi3), I run into the problem of overlapping intents. I want to have an intent for “water temperature” for the Pool and another one for the Aquarium, but I cannot since all intents are in a single bucket on HA.

So here is the question: can I somehow segregate which intents on my HA are associated with which skill? Or do I have to just avoid using the same intent utterances for different invocations/skills?