Alexa without Nabu Casa - How to remove entities

Hi all,

I’ve had Alexa integrated into Home Assistant without using the cloud option for quite some time, but what I Was wondering is whether there is a way to not expose every entity/automation/script. Trying to find a device in the Alexa app to put it into a routine is a proper pain and the app has become incredibly slow. Is there a way to prevent all devices etc. being exposed to Alexa?



You can include/exclude individual entities, globs of entities, or domains through the alexa component configuration. Unfortunately, once the entities are discovered in the Alexa app they must be manually deleted. FWIW, this is much easier to do using the browser app that Amazon keeps threatening to kill.

Brilliant, thank you!
I’ve used the browser to remove everything before. The app can be very time consuming! What I don’t understand is that it keeps picking up new entities even though nothing has been added and then I get duplicates. That just seems to be an issue that I have always had with Alexa though, not just while using Home Assistant.