Alexa's scene from tuya trough home assistant are lost every reboot of HA

Pretty much that is the problem.

I have a nabu casa account, using Alexa integration, Tuya integration.

I have a scene created in Tuya (IR remote control scene), it is integrated to home assistant, and the Alexa picks it up by the Home assistant Alexa Skill.

The deal is that every time I reboot Home Assistant the tuya native scenes are forgotten by Alexa, but not the Home Assistant native scenes.

To fix this I have to hit the “SYNC ENTITIES TO AMAZON” on “Configuration”, “Home Assistan Cloud” every time.

any suggestion??

I have what appears to be the same problem, and no fix.

Alexa is connected to HA via Nabu Casa, and HA is connected to Smart Life using the standard Tuya integration. I have many scenes in Smart Life that are commands for an IR blaster and corresponding Alexa routines that attach a voice command e.g. “Alexa, TV to ALIBI” tells the TV to switch to HDMI1 and the Sky box to select channel 132. HA simply passes the scenes through.

All works fine until I reboot HA, then the actions that use these scenes have all been deleted from the Alexa routines. Alexa still has the scenes but I have to reinsert them by hand into the routines. Rebuiilding Alexa routines every time I reboot HA is not acceptable. How do I avoid “breaking” by Alexa routines when HA restarts?

I do not understand your “SYNC ENTITIES TO AMAZON” reference? There is no such thing on my current Home Assistant Cloud page.

There used to be, now is:

Home Assistant Cloud → Manage Entities (Alexa) → Three dot (top right) → Synchonize entities.