[alexxit sonoff] template sensor temperature

Hello friends. Does anyone know how I can add 1 degree to a sonoff temperature sensor.
I know how to do it but I don’t know which attribute is where I have to assign it.
It would be something like this

attribute: {{sensor.temperature.sonofxxxx | float + 1}}

If anyone knows how to do it, I would appreciate it.

If you are using the latest version of tasmota, it supports temperature offset in the console itself. You can use the command TempOffset in tasmota console. For example since you want to add 1 degree the command will be TempOffset 1

No. I am using an AlexIT integration for sonoff

Please share a screen shot of the sensor state from developer console to find what is the attribute which gives the sensor value.

I do not know the attribute of this integration to add a degree.
I read the documentation and I don’t see that it can be done. Or I can’t find it.

Please share a screen short of developer console with the sensor like this.

Please try this template and check.

{{ states('sensor.sonoff_1000bed16f_temperature') | float + 1}}

Surely that template is correct. But I don’t know what attribute I should assign it to. If there is an attribute for that
Thank you

You should create a new template sensor with this. I dont think there is another way to offset the temperature reading. Maybe you can try if the sonoff app provides any calibration option.

ok friend. Thanks
I will find out that.

It worked. Thank you very much

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