Alfen Eve Pro EV chargepoint interface via TCP modbus

Ah, so it seems that the counter only starts when writing a value in 1210 (previously mentioned 1208 which is indeed incorrect. See below post for Lieven). Thought it is continuously running. That is why I always got a value of 0. It works now. Thanks @hollie.

Hey @appletowr

you’re welcome. I just think you are confusing the register addresses.

For other people reading this: the counter (in register 1208) start running when writing a value to the current setting register (in register 1210).

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Yes, it is giving the command every 55 seconds, like in your code. The repeater in Node Red is facilitating that.
I also monitor ‘Socket current vallid time’ and it stays within reach (it never gets to 0).
Also, when I stop my Node Red script, the ‘modbus max current’ falls back to 15A while it normally stays at 20A.
So, with the Node Red script running, it looks good but the charger still does not give more than 15A.

I monitor “Modbus Slave receivedsetpoint accounted for” as well and it is always on 1, which means it does account Modbus for the Actual Applied Current.
This is the note in the modbus document about this value:
Note: Register 1214 ‘Modbus Slave received setpoint accounted for’ indicates whether the received Max Current (registers 1210-1211), also called a setpoint, is taken into account to determine the Actual Applied Max Current (registers 1206-1207). Depending on other setpoints, registers 1206-1207 may read the settings requested by the external device (e.g. EMS).

It drives me crazy. I cannot find the issue why the charger still maxes out on 15A.
Thanks in advance for you replies!

Hey @BevelvoerderNr1

there are a few other settings in the software that can limit the maximum current. I don’t know the exact setting names but there is a global station limit and there is a limit per charge port. Can you check if those setting are not causing the 15 A limit?

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