Alfred Lock - unable to unlock using google integration

I just bought an Alfred DB1, I have added it to Home Assistant via Zwave, and I am able to control unlocking/locking via Home Assistant. I have also integrated Google Assistant to HA, I am able to trigger a lock from Google Assistant but I get an error when I try to unlock it. When I look at the Google Home app I get an error saying “PIN not setup - Visit the partner’s app to set up a pin.”

Any help would be appreciated

I get the same error with a lock set up via ESPHome…

try clicking the lock in home assistant, go to settings and set a default code, or add a default code in youre google assistant setup

secure_devices_pin: 9999

thats what made my locks work

And do you still have to say to Google the number 9999 to unlock? Or does it unlock without asking for a code?