Ali Express Dimmer

I’m thinking of buying one of these…

I read in the Q&A section that someone installed Tasmota on it. How would I be able to identify and then flash this with Tasmota myself. Sorry, bit of noob and I 've searched aound various wikis etc but can’t find anything conclusive.

Thanks in advance


Do you mean this comment?

Flashed the Tasmota Tuya firmware on it myself and love it.

I am not even sure WTF they mean by “Tasmota Tuya firmware”.

Anyway, Tasmota instructions are on their wiki, which is very comprehensive.

Hi Nick

Yes, I was confused by the comment, being a noob myself I was a little lost on how to find ‘what’ exactly this device is, so, how to then flash different firmware. I may just buy it and see where it leads me :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply

Yeah it’s not much of an investment in terms of money, it annoys me to spend a lot of time on something to find it is a piece of crap, so I look forward to your results :slight_smile: