Ali express question uk

Hi all Ive been looking at the costs of buying some zigbee stuff from Ali express and havea couple of question
1 how reliable are they do you get what you ordered
2. as anyone had to return anything , how easy was it
3. on some listing they say tax not paid is this Vat or something else


Here’s my experience:

In most cases you get what you order. It’s cheap but you need great patients.

On 2 occasions my orders haven’t arrived. Weirdly this is two attempts to get Aqara FP1 Presence Sensors. Getting a refund doesn’t seem difficult but more patients is needed.

Tax is often added at checkout as well as delivery cost.

In my experience orders turn up as expected but when ordering check the delivery times. Normally easier to order on ebay from china as they tend to be delivered by speedpak which takes about 15 days. You are in reality not likely to save a lot more than buying form the uk on ebay or amazon. I only use ali express for stuff i cant get in the UK these days.

thanks both im looking at buying some zigbee aqara door senses and they look a lot cheaper


Hi All Just a FYI I ordered 4 Aqara door sensors on the 24th they
came today