Alias for same device added from multiple integrations

It’s very common to use custom integrations in HA for enhanced functionalities, even a device might have some official integration support. For example, many people use Tuya Local or Local Tuya custom integrations, instead/along with the official Tuya integration to access the devices locally.

In any case, if anyone adds the same devices from multiple integration channels, HA recognizes the same devices as different devices from multiple channels. I was wondering if HA would have some options to alias multiple devices as a single device so that HA understands correctly that devices are not mirrored. Moreover, if one integration fails to connect with the device, it can use another integration channel to complete the action.

I have several devices that have entities that are integrated separately show up the the same device page and work thru the same device. The trick is the device ID has to be exactly the same or at lease have a matching element, and then they show up together. My pfSense entity that come from my router are showing up in my tasmota devices. (matching mac address) I have blueprints that create entities via MQTT discovery and if I set the device to match one of the existing device id’s, they show on the same page.

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So are you looking for something different?