Alias names for devices

I have 8 (zigbee) motion sensors and meanwhile it is quite difficult to manage them. When I exchange a motion sensor for a new one, I have to change all occurences in the configuration files. And if I send temperature data to the influxdb, the name of the value changes also.
So it would be nice to name a device “living_room_1” without loosing the name with the device id (binary_sensor.lumi_lumi_sensor_motion_aq2_0413050e_1_1280). Because the name with the device id is necessary for identifying the device.
Also if a device has multiple sensors, all sensors should inherit the alias name of the device.

I am surprised that hasn’t it been done already?
I think a lot of people use multi-functional sensors like Xiaomi/Aqara motion or Temp sensors which report temp, humidity, pressure as well as battery level and link quality.

Right now even if I have one physical sensor with zigbee “name” 0x00158d0003cce955, it comes up as a whole bunch of different sensors like “0x00158d0003cce955 temperature”, “0x00158d0003cce955
humidity”, “0x00158d0003cce955 battery level”, “0x00158d0003cce955 link quality” etc.

When I tried to use “ALIAS” to make them something like “bedroom sensor” I found I had to do that for each “sub-” sensor which is tedious.

Isn’t it possible to rename that “0x00158d0003cce955” → and make it “bedroom sensor 1” so all subsensors would be “bedroom sensor 1 temperature”, “bedroom sensor 1 humidity” etc… ??

I know it is possible to rename them through zigbee2mqtt but I think it is a bad idea since if I do that and then move a sensor from bedroom to kitchen, I would need to change all my autiomations for that former bedroom sensor since its id will be misleading.

Am I missing something?


Why not just change the entity_id prior to creating a bunch of automations etc with it? You don’t have to use the one auto allocated.

Would you not have to do that anyways. If you move your sensor from bedroom to kitchen, do your automations still make sense ?

Actually, stupid me, this function is already there.
I tried to rename “entities” but I should rename “device” instead.
In that case all “sub-devices” will also renamed automatically.

It depends.
If this is a motion sensor or door/window sensor - why not?
You need to raise an alarm if a motion is detected no matter where - would that be a kitchen or bedroom.
But if you have an id of “bedroom_motion_1” - it would be really confusing to write automation for kitchen, IMO.

Ok, I just use my motion sensors to turn on lights, so it would be awkward if kitchen_occupancy turned on bedroom lights.

I’d still want to know which room tripped the alarm, but we are getting off topic here.