Align color in HA on iOS


When changing theme on HA on iOS the top and bottom “bar” stays the same “HA-blue”.

It would be alot nicer if the “frame” would align with the sorrounding colors so when using Dark Teal theme for instance, the bars in the top and bottom would go dark like the theme and not stay blue.

As you see below it would look a lot nicer if the top bar would align with the theme:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

This is already supported.

Thanks for the response.

What am I doing wrong then? On my iPhone 11 Pro i have the lastest HA app and theme set to “backend-selected”.

When calling service frontend.set_theme with data “name: dark_mint” it changes immidiately on both iPhone + pc but the top bar stays blue.

As far as I can see all the theming keys are in the theme code:

Am I doing something wrong?


My mistake. I found that text-primary-color was defined through a variable.

Thank you for your assistance and the provided documentation.

Have a nice day!