All aqara sensors all of a sudden unavailable

I have a bunch of Aqara sensors (door, temp, water, etc) all over my house and have a hub for them that syncs with Home Assistant. Occasionally I get alerts about them becoming unavailable but they usually fix themselves or I will click the button on the sensor/restart HA and they eventually work for awhile again. Recently all of the sensors went unavailable for awhile. I was on the Feb version of HA and decided to update to the latest OS + Core. All of the sensors became unavailable again and are staying that way. What is odd though is that the main Aqara Hub that connects thru HomeKit is constantly showing an error:

But it’s also showing that it found a new hub (the same one). I tried pairing it again and all of the sensors now connect as new sensors but of course are named their default names and are not set up in dashboards, automations, etc. I’m not sure why this would stop working all of a sudden and why it’s now showing a different hub. Any ideas on how to use the old hub so I don’t need to go and re-setup everything with every sensor again? I’m not seeing anything obvious in logs or with a search.

EDIT: Restored a full backup from a few days ago, now on Core 2024.2.0, Supervisor 2024.3.0, but the issue remains. Same errors but now not seeing a new hub to pair either.