All automations are deactivated after adding a new zigbee device

Hi all
I’m new to HA and running it on a Raspi4 with RaspBeeII als the Zigbee coordinator and the docker image
HASS OS is 7.4 with 3.9.0. The system runs now since round 2 months.
In summary it runs well but I have a problem, that after adding a new device and try to add an automation, all my automations get deactivated and can’t be activated. Restarting doesn’t solve the problem. I searched also in the community but didn’t find a post with the similiar issue or an idea what the problem can be. A configuration check of the yaml files doesn’t identify any error.
I hope somebody can help, because I don’t want to setup HASS new and reinstall all my devices and automations.

So are your devices actually working (aside from the automations).

I restored an older automations.yaml and my automations are still running. Try to identify the issue in the failed automations.yaml to hope what the cause was.
So far I’m happy that my HA is up and running.
If I find the issue, I’ll post it here, possibly it helps somebody

yes, everything runs well except the automations

Look in Configuration / Settings / Logs tab. You likely have an automation configuration error that has prevented your automations from loading.

So far, I found the failure in a mismatch in an exisiting configuration by comparing the failed automation.yaml with an older version. Some lines in the identified part of the automation are missed, but I have no glue why.
However, it works now. Thanks all for your feedback