All automations never fire

I am pulling my hair out with this one. I have been using HA for over a year now and for around 3 months. For the most part its been great and relatively fault free.

Since upgrading to 0.63 none of my automations now fire automatically. I can trigger them manually from the console so they still work and all the subsequent actions work.

I can see within the logbook the automations kicking in, such as family being ‘home’. However none of the actions ever work. Family changing ‘home’ never triggers the related automation.

There are no errors in the logs. I cant see what is wrong.

Does anyone have any tips? At this rate I am going to have to do a complete rebuild :frowning:

Are the automations switched on?

For the automations to automatically retain their on state after a reboot/restart you have to add initial_state: 'on'
to the start of the automation immediately under alias: my wonderful automations for all automations you want to start enabled :slight_smile: