All automations unavailable

All my automations became unavailable.
Last modifications:

  • downloaded a few themes
  • added !include statement to include all the themes under frontend: seemed to work
  • updates: core 22-2-9

info popup:

This entity is currently unavailable and is an orphan to a removed, changed or dysfunctional integration or device.

Any idea how that happened and how to correct it?

Will do a restore tomorrow if not solved by tomorrow.

Check you log, perhaps there is an error along the lines of “setup of component: automation failed…”

There is no error msg of that kind: referencing automation. There are errors and warnings belonging to Netamo and Vicare. But no error that belongs to automation.

One error is cryptic:

This error originated from a custom integration.

Logger: custom_components.vicare
Source: helpers/
Integration: Viessmann ViCare
First occurred: March 9, 2022, 21:35:34 (1 occurrences)
Last logged: March 9, 2022, 21:35:34

The ‘vicare’ option near /config/configuration.yaml:0 is deprecated, please remove it from your configuration

have you change “log-level” in configuration.yaml ? , if not change “info” to “Debug”, and restart, and look at your log-file again
… or try “commend-out” the “Vicare” , or fix that “0 is deprecated” … i don’t know what 0 is, but if it means “OFF” try to change to “OFF”

Thank you all. But i could not find the source of the error making all automations unavailable.

Will restart in a minute. Cannot be without automations controlling the photovoltaic.

That’s most likely the line number – it refers to the first line of configuration.yaml.

The ‘vicare’ option […] is deprecated, please remove it from your configuration

i restored a backup. Now its working again as it should :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :laughing: