All buttons in lovelace no longer work after recent updates

After the most recent updates I installed a few days ago, none of my buttons function to control my lights, fans, etc. I tried deleting and re-creating a few and they still do nothing. I can click on them and they do nothing. They are all just greyed out and if I select “show state” they just say unavailable.

What is odd is if I actually control my z-wave devices through the Z-wave JS interface, everything works that way.

Has anyone had a similar issue or does anyone have a suggestion on how I might fix this?

How would I revert to a previous backup?

I apologize but I am quite the novice with Home Assistant…I managed to get everything working how I wanted originally but I don’t really know the innards of the system and I stink at programming…LOL

Thanks for any help/suggestions anyone can provide.