All Deconz devices unreachable

Hello All,

I have a problem with Deconz that all my devices are unreachable. I have updated to the latest version 16.11.1 but it doesn’t work anymore, i also reverted back to 6.10.0 but no change.


I also tried to remove a device and repair, but no succes. Can it be something with my swap to SSD? I moved from SD to SSD, all seems fine but i don’t know where to search now…

What can i do? I waited a whole night to see if the devices came back but no luck. What can i do?

Thanks a lot and merry christmas already.

can you do a search for light and sensor ? maybe it remember the setting ?


searching is working, i just found this video How to fix deCONZ and Conbee stick not working when using with an SSD on a Raspberry Pi - YouTube that it could be something with SSD and USB3 inteference.

Plugged in a extention cable and i was able to add the removed device but still all the other devices will not work. Also the added device is unrreacable again

That extension cable (lack of) might have been the main reason for these issues.

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