All devices offline after reboot with ZHA

Hi everyone,

I’ll really hope someone can help me here as I’ve now idea what to do. Yesterday evening I’ve rebooted my NAS with HA in docker and since then I’ve lost all my devices again. All bulbs, covers etc. are unavailable. I had this already 4 weeks ago and could not solve it. Only by completely starting from the beginning. But I cannot do this every couple of weeks. :frowning:


  • HA in Docker container on NAS v2022.4.5; also happened with 2022.3.x
  • Deconz II Zigbee stick


  • all devices are offline
  • ZHA shows full visualization of my cluster despite nothing works
  • errors in log:
    WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.zha.core.channels.base] [0x93E9:4:0x0b04]: async_initialize: all attempts have failed: [DeliveryError('[0x93e9:4:0x0b04]: Message send failure'), DeliveryError('[0x93e9:4:0x0b04]: Message send failure'), DeliveryError('[0x93e9:4:0x0b04]: Message send failure'), DeliveryError('[0x93e9:4:0x0b04]: Message send failure')] WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.helpers.entity] Update of sensor.ubisys_d1_r_5603_2exxxxx_electrical_measurement is taking over 10 seconds

what did I try?

  • reboot HA
  • update Conbee II to latest firmware
  • disconnect Conbee and reconnect
  • switched Conbee to another USB port
  • switched of my coordinator/NAS for a whole night
  • rebooted my wifi to let it consider Zigbee during channel selection
  • power cycled all zigbee devices

Is there anything else I can do? Help much appreciated here :slight_smile:

Ok. It seems that the range from the coordinator to my devices was too big. I installed a router in between and everything works fine now. Didn’t expect it to be that easy :man_facepalming:

Zigbee has poor range and penetration plus are sensitive to interference so follow these general tips:


Please consider giving that PR on GitHub a thumbs up if you think tips should be added to ZHA docs.

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Hi! I’ve the same problem, I’m very rookie with this, please, can u help me step by step how can I solve this?


try to bring your devices closer to your coordinator (e.g. Zigbee USB Stick). For extending the range you can add a router (e.g. a Hue bulb or something like this: Router R0 – ubisys ) That solved it for me.

I understood it! Just solve it deleting and adding again!

Thanks for all