All entities disappeared

Hi all, I recently updated HA on hassbian from a 0.7X version to 0.90 and I now can’t see any entities and I no longer have the (i) icon in the main menu so I can’t even get to the error log. Not sure what has happened but I can’t see anything but automations are still working. I also can a big red box on the overview that says ‘custom element doesn’t exist: hue-empty-state-card’. Does anyone know of anything I can try to fix this issue?

did you read any of the breaking changes on every update between 7x and now? there have been a bunch!

the biggest one that is most obviously impacting you is the switch to lovelace being the default now. hence, the big red box.

i would have thought that the “automatically” generated frontend should have given you a default one but it’s likely that there might be other breaking changes preventing that functionality from working.

there are so many things that could be a problem that there’s no way to help you right now on anything specific.

my only advice is to go thru all the breaking changes for each update and handle them one at a time.

I ordinarily would but on this occasion I didn’t as I hadn’t gotten round to updating in a while. Looking through all the breaking changes for that many versions would be a lot of work! It’s a shame there isn’t even any output in the log file to give me a clue.

the work was going to be there even if you didn’t look. :wink: I think you see that now. :smile:

You can still go directly to the actual homeassistant.log file in your config directory and see any errors there.