All entities recreated after zwave stick replaced

Last night I had to replace my zwave stick which had been having issues after a firmware update.

Did it like this (all via zwave-js-ui):

  • NVM backup from old stick
  • Shutdown zwave network
  • Unplug old stick, plug new stick
  • Change device path to point to new stick
  • At this point zwave-js showed only one entry for the stick
  • Restore NVM

Everything came back to life in zwave-js (All nodes present) as per before but home assistant had created all new entities

  • Hidden entities no longer hidden
  • Default entity name ( had to rename everything)
  • Helpers all gone (e.g. Switch > Light)
  • Icons wrong
  • Names missing

What’s the correct way to do this to avoid hosing everything? Would have been a 5 minute procedure if not for this.

Did you disable the Z-Wave JS Integration while you migrated?

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No. Is that advised? Does the integration go and delete everything if it detects a new stick?

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I’m not 100% sure what causes the issue I just know that when I disable the integration then migrate non of my entities change.