All events of a calendar

Hi everyone,

I set up my Google calendars in Home Assistant. The associated sensors are well created. On the core calendar page, all calendar events are displayed correctly on the interface (day, week, month, etc.)

I would like to create a script that will allow me to list the events to come in the rest of the day. Is it possible ? How to do this?

Any leads will be welcome. :slight_smile:

As of right now this isn’t possible.

You can only access the next event and nothing else. There is a PR in place (by me) to also expose other events happening at the same time but it will probably be a while until it’s reviewed.

This will give you a predefined number of events.
tybritten/ical-sensor-homeassistant: an iCal Sensor for Home Assistant (
You can read the date and see if it’s today and probably make it a list with a template

There is a feature request for this functionality.

If you are also interested in getting a calender event list, please vote for this feature: Calendar - new entitites that show a list of events with a certain scope

My use case is to show a list of upcoming events on a epaper display. I already tried some ICS/ICAL custom_components, like the one @Hellis81 suggested, however they all seem to have huge problems with reoccuring events (e.g. birthdays events show up every month instead once a year) - at least for Google Calenders.