All helpers are not fully reconfigurable

There are helpers in UI that have many parameters but when you once configure it you can’t change most of parameters any more.

For example in Riemann sum integral sensor you can change only precision but not the source sensor, integration method etc.

Utility Meter let you later change the source but not a supported tariffs.

There are probably more similar inconsistencies.

The examples you posted aren’t helpers. They are integrations.

You should probably change the title to better reflect that.

The configuration of these is under “Helpers” section in UI. Technically they are integrations but you don’t see and can’t access these integrations under the “Integrations” tab :slight_smile:

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Well isn’t that silly.

I guess I don’t know how HA classifies some integration as a helper or not. I’ve never looked in the “helpers” tab since I never configure my “input_x” entities thru the UI and I thought only “input_x”, timer & counter entities were considered helpers.

Otherwise what’s the point of having integrations classified separately if any random integration can be called a helper? Not a question for you specifically but just a generic “WTH?” question.


Whether its an integration or a helper. It does not matter. Its accessed and used though the helpers section.

There are options under the helper section that one can configure (like integration) but when you go to edit them some of the key options are missing. That’s a problem and it would be really useful if the standard was that anything in the helper section had a UI that allowed all the settings (where that makes sense) to be corrected/ updated.

I agree with all of that.

I was just saying that it is silly that some regular integrations are suddenly designated as “helpers” thru a seemingly arbitrary decision and are configured under a different tab.

I still say the title should be changed to include all UI integrations and not just helpers.

If we are forced to configure integrations thru the UI (whether they are regular or “helpers”) then every integration should be re-configurable thru the UI as well.

Still no solution about this issue ?

Just ran into this with the Utility Meter helper. Once configured you can only modify the Periodically resetting and what sensor it’s based off.

Headbutting against this exact issue right now. WTH can’t I change the cycle of a utility meter helper in the UI after it’s creation? Also because I’ve made it in the UI it’s not like there’s a YAML file I can just jump in and edit, so the only option is to delete and re-create the helper, which is as frustrating as it sounds.