All Insteon Lights turn on in the middle of the night, then turn back off

I cannot figure this out and the log doesn’t show any of this actually happening, but most nights (its not 100%) the remaining Instron devices will all simultaneously turn on and then ~10 seconds later turn themselves off. Sometimes they turn on and don’t turn off and I have to get out of bed and manually check which ones are on and turn them off because the HA dashboard still shows them off.

The first few times it happened at 1:30am exactly. Now its choosing randomly between 12am, 1:15am, and 1:30am.

This started after the HA upgrade that broke Music Assistant (don’t remember the version) and I’ve been updating religiously hoping it goes away but it has not. If I turn off the HA machine before going to bed, it doesn’t happen so its not some fluke Insteon scene gone wrong and my Hub is completely removed and only a PLM is left as an interface.

Is there a way I can get a detailed Log of just Insteon actions or traffic to diagnose the issue?

Three of the light switches it turns on are VERY bright lights and in my bedroom so its getting old FAST.