All Lights got switched on by HACore

Today all Lights at home went on, switched by HA Core:

******** eingeschaltet ausgelöst durch Dienst Home Assistant Core Integration: Generisches Einschalten

******** switched on triggered by service Home Assistant Core Integration: Generic switch on

What is this and how to disable it? I don’t want Core integration switching on all Lights when I’m not home and I never triggered something like this when it happened…

This is not a standard automation of HA, so you might have installed something or someone might have gained access to your system.

Well, if you search for “home assistant core integration generic”, you find a lot of topics and no solution about turn_on or turn_off.
So generic turn_on is something from HA and nothing I’ve installed into ha core integration, but I can’t find it in yaml or automation.

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I know that the turn on is generic to HA, but it is just a service call.
You need something to make that service call, like a script, automation, node red flow, blueprint or similar.

No, I’ve searched every place I could think about and there is nothing. Also non of the automations which uses “turn_on” got triggered at that time. Just all Tuya and zha lights.

And blueprints?

Non at all… I’m not even using a single blueprint in HA. That’s why I wonder where this comes from and how it could be triggered. Specially all light got effected, not only a single one…

Maybe a node red flow then

I think it may be referring to this service call:


Do any of your automations, or Node-Red flows, use that service call?

Or it could be a voice assistant. No matter what, something caused HA to do that. It doesn’t do it on its own.

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What’s a Note red flows? Never heard that…

I have VA running, so this could be a false triggered voice command. But I can’t check logs back to that time… It still would be strange if TV is running and pipeline recognize something as “hey Jarvis, homeassistent turn_on”. There is definitely no automation to turn on all Lights at once.

Maybe it s not home assistant turn on, but just turn lights on
This one has no area, so it could mean all areas then.

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I have to test this tomorrow if I can trigger all Lights by voice command. If yes, I need to disable this somehow to avoid false trigger

Same problem here. Switches (Tuya zigbee devices over bulit-in Hue emulation) turn on and off randomly. Searched the web and found a few similar problems and lots of ‘try this and could be that’, but no solution. I don’t use blueprints and only a few simple automations.

By now, I can confirm it’s possible by voice assist. I can trigger my office lights by “hey Jarvis, turn light on”.

Büro Deckenlicht Licht eingeschaltet ausgelöst durch Dienst Home Assistant Core Integration: Generisches Einschalten
19:37:56 - Vor 1 Minute

Strange thing: there are 2 lights which work with zha and they get switched on by VA. The room is Office, VA device is “living room”. The living room, bedroom and garden lights don’t switch on from VA, but they are set up as lights with “smartlife” and “yeelight” integration. Last time all Lights went on, it included garden and bedroom lights. So here is something else which was causing it.