All lights toggle switch is missing?

This has been driving me up a wall, ever since 2 updates ago the toggle for turning all lights on and off is missing. I’ve tried everything I can think of, even creating a new group and I cannot get the switch to appear. I just want a way to turn all the lights on and off without having to click them individually.

I do NOT have the control hidden:

    #control: hidden
    name: House Lights
      - light.bedroom
      - light.living_room
    view: yes

Open to any suggestions at this point. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

You have the group defined as a view. I didn’t think views displayed like the state card, nor do views have group control. try commenting out the line view: yes.

EDIT: Is the screenshot from your actual HA frontend? The screenshot doesn’t match the group code you posted. Somewhere on your frontend you have another group that is what you actually have defined and it is titled “House Lights”. There you should have the group control over all the lights.

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You were spot on with commenting out the view line. It’s working great now!

I had the same card on the main tab and the house lights tab, I just screenshotted the wrong one.

Thanks so much!