All my data is gone?

I have a HA Yellow, with SSD card built in.
It started operations beginning of February.

This morning i realize the entire data of February is gone.

It looks like I started collecting data yesterday 16:00 (I found the date, from the timestamp of the corrupt db file, see below)

Could you help me identifiy what went wrong, please?


for the first time i see a corrupt db here…
Its timestamp is when i loose all data.
this is the only clue i found so far.

i cannot open that file, cant browse it.
SMB doesnt see it so i can copy over.

– i sshed and made a copy of the corrupt file and retrieved it to my PC.
its 1.3 Gigs!!

march1 1600 is around when it happened.
march2 1200 is around when i realized and rebooted (in hindsight, maybe a dumb move)

Do you have any backups?

yes. but if i were to restore to it, i will loose all the data since the backup point, right? avoiding another data loss is my next target, i will not waste my time since there is no way to restore the situation as if it never happened. thats why i hadnt asked for this, rather the root-cause.

i remember how it was in the 90’s again. corrupted file systems, indexes etc.

i hadnt turned the unit off during the incident, i hadnt physically moved it, what had happened? the hardware is couple months old: too old for manufacturing mistakes, too new for end-of-life.

  • i guess i can delete the 1.3 Gig Corrupted file, correct? is there any use left in keeping it?
  • i wanted to use HA as vanilla as possible, main reason why I had purchased Yellow with high quality SSD, to eliminate as much hardware trouble as possible. but i guess the sqlite3 is not reliable even with high quality SSD drives. which is the reliable way recording should be kept.

I can only guess at the root cause: power issue, RF interference, etc.

Is there anything in the home-assistant.log, home-assistant.log.1, home-assistant.log.fault?

Naah…it’s not either of that. Original database is still pretty unstable, no matter how they say that they “did a lot to improve it”…sadly, still not enough. Just a small “glitch” is enough for database to go corrupt and create a new empty one. I’ve had same experience a couple of times a while ago, then i went and install mariadb database inside synology, used that one for a year (or more) without a single drop. When they published that original db has been masively improved i decided to go and try, so i went back to sqlite, only to loose all my data after a week…
Now i have maridadb addon installed and running. way more stable than sqlite.

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Try to recover it from corrupted file. There are a lot of tutorials and guide lines online on how to do it.
I didn’t have any problems with sqlitle although I had a lot of restarts, hard reboot, power cut off etc. And system did complained that sqlite wasn’t shutdown cleanly, but I never lost any data.
Maybe this depends on a type of installation, but I’m not sure about that.

Indeed, there are a lot of guides and tutorials, which make it difficult to pick which rabbit-hole to go into :slight_smile: any suggestions are more than welcome.

I didn’t have to do it so I can’t give you suggestion in which rabbit hole to go, but, hey rabbit hole is a rabbit hole.