All my nodes disappeared from ESPHome pane

I only just started with HA few days ago. I set up an ESP D1 Mini through the ESPHome wizard and got few sensors up and running.

All was cool until today, I logged in and on clicking ESPHome the nodes were gone, and wizard prompting to create one.

The json is still in config folder, and the device is running. Also the cards etc that I created are all still there and working fine. I can interact with it, just gone from ESPHome panel!

Any ideas on how to recover or what I may have done wrong to prevent in future would be great.

Version: Home Assistant 0.109.6 running on Pi4

System Health
arch	armv7l
dev	false
docker	true
hassio	true
os_name	Linux
os_version	4.19.114-v7l
python_version	3.7.7
timezone	America/Los_Angeles
version	0.109.6
virtualenv	false
dashboards	2
mode	auto-gen
resources	0

Are the yaml files still in there?

Not at computer but the only file was .json for the node i setup but it contained what looked like some config. But not the yaml that i created/edited.

I’ll post exactly asap

Assuming that you are using the addon, the esphome configuartion yaml files are in /config/esphome/

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Yea, there is a single file called 'testnode_mini_d1.yml.json

I installed file editor, I can see that there is a trash folder and what looks like the yaml I created (using the espHome edit button) is in there?

I have no idea how it got trashed. Gotta assume I did it somehow but thanks, you led me to look at file structure.

These are contents of file that is left.

  "storage_version": 1,
  "name": "testnode_mini_d1",
  "comment": null,
  "esphome_version": "1.14.3",
  "src_version": 1,
  "arduino_version": "[email protected]",
  "address": "testnode_mini_d1.local",
  "esp_platform": "ESP8266",
  "board": "d1_mini",
  "build_path": "/config/esphome/testnode_mini_d1",
  "firmware_bin_path": "/data/testnode_mini_d1/.pioenvs/testnode_mini_d1/firmware.bin",
  "loaded_integrations": [

There should be a file


If there are no .yaml files in /config/esphome then you or someone else deleted tham and esphome will be a blank canvas.

Thanks @nickrout you are correct, it was in my trash. I am not aware of deleting the node since I was actively using it, however deleted it indeed was!

Thanks for your help. Appreciated :slight_smile:

jimby, I have exactly the same problem, but could not locate a “trash” folder. Where is it?


Sorry for delay.

It was in same folder as esphome. I used the addon file editor to browse.


Thanks. Unfortunately, no trash folder in my esphome directory (although I have a second HA system and it does have a trash folder there). I suspect some combination of updates and/or snapshot roll-backs did me in, but it is a little perplexing. Fortunately I only had two YAML files that got wiped out, so a little homework today. Thanks again.