All my z-wave devices are now suddenly "Unknown node"'s

I have a few z-wave devices configured on HASSIO, with human readable names (I used the rename action on the z-wave control panel).

Today all my devices suddenly began to be presented as “unknown node”'s.

I would like to avoid having to go through the exclusion / inclusion all over again… so does anyone have a clue how this could have happened? And what is the solution for it?

Do you have a backup of your zwcfg_xxxx.xml file? Backup the file in there now and then try stopping Home Assistant, replacing the file, and restarting if you do.

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You should also be able to shut HA down, and edit the node names in the entity registry file.

I have the same issue here.

I don’t know if it’s in the roadmap but it could be fine to improve the stability and the user experience for Zwave :slight_smile:

The Z-Wave component is handled by OpenZWave, and stability of that is sadly outside of Home Assistant’s control :frowning:

Thank you for your answer.

I used Jeedom Home Automation system before, also based on open zwave and I didn’t have issue like “Unknow node” or Name of devices that disappear.

So I think that issue is not in OpenZwave

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Is it possible to see logfile of openzwave in live in ssh ?

tail -F OZW_Log.txt

You’ll find that file in the same directory as the configuration file

Thank you, it will be easier to see if command are sent and received when I’ll do inclusion or exclusion

I did not have an up to date backup of my openzwave config file.
Anyway, in the end I decided to go through the painstakingly process of excluding and including all the devices again, rename them on the registry file and backing up the complete config folder.