All of a sudden rules are off

Ok hit a bug. Never have used in my automations the initial_state: ‘on/off’
And upon restart all my rules were on and worked flawlessly.
This morning woke up and my kitchen light didn’t work. As it is a light strip triggered with mqtt automation i thought that it was some problem with a broker. Spent some time with several restarts and than found out that around 12 out of around 90 of my automations were somehow switched to off state. I don’t have any automations which switch off those automations (sorry for tautology). So just wondering what could have happened?
So is it better to add
initial_state: ‘on’ to all of the rules now?

Yes. The change that introduced that happened quite some time back - there was an edge case where some automations were causing HA to crash on startup. Home Assistant was then set to disable automations if it was restarting too quickly.


Thank guess missed that one…