All of my Ring cameras are showing as IDLE and are only displaying an old image

As the title says I am not sure why this is. Please keep in mind this is day one for me using this and I have NO idea what im doing. Please use simple terms

Ring is not a live feed, it is only the last event recorded. If you select it, it will show the recording.

You can’t get a livestream from Ring’s integration as far as I’m aware.

Nest added constant live streaming about 4 months ago. Also it does not load even if I click on it. Just replays the last event over and over again.

Sorry I meant ring

As far as I know the INTEGRATION does not support that, whether ring does or not I’m not sure.

Okay thats no problem. but what about the fact that it doesnt update when clicked?

Mine shows the latest recorded motion event. I’d recommend reaching out on discord, they can help you out more quickly there.

The documentation says:

Thank you!

I’m assuming there is some super fancy complicated work around for this as ive seen several youtube videos with peoples hubs set up with live stream haha.

Post back if you figure it out, I’d love to have a live feed on my lovelace dashboard.

Probably this:

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Come on Tom, surely you used the forum search function to find that… that’s cheating

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That’s exactly what I did.

Always good to have a little passive aggressiveness.