All of the sudden HA is down..but automation still works!?! Please help!

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So last night, I walked by one of my tilebaord dashboards and saw it was down. Went to access HA and couldn’t get to it via IP. It’s on WIFI. NO access, restarted several times, nothing. Then randomly it came back up for a bit in the evening, then back to offline again. BUT zwave and sensor automations are still working?? It’s like it’s running, but I can’t access it. It is on a static IP, and I double checked that. And the router shows it’s connected too! What in the world could have caused this?

It’s going to be hard to tell without some logs. Do you have SSH access set up?

It sounds like it’s running but the web GUI is not coming up for some reason.

So strange…did a full router restart and HA came back to life. I think it was the way my router was trying to get me there and was hanging up. Thanks for the reply, all good now!