All the Nordic windfarms, where are those - trying forecast electric prices a week ahead

Hello all fellow nerds!

I was wondering if someone has already done research on where does all the major wind farms are situated (long, lat) in Nordic countries?

I’ve not found a good “free” map about those farms.

I’m asking about the farms as it is getting more and more relevant for predicting spot prices in the Nordpool. And I’m trying to make some kind of algrotihm to predict electricity prices for a week ahead. I’ve come across too many nice scientific articles so I can not resist myself trying to come up a rudementry algortihm for spot price prediction. :smiley:

I have been thinking about this too. My very simplistic approach was to google in which town has the most windmills (Pyhäjoki) and use wind forecast from that location :slight_smile:

I guess you could do this for all nordics as well

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