All Wear OS sensors are unavailable

If I enable them, they get disabled after a short while. Is this normal?

I am using the Pixel Watch 2 by the way.

it takes about 30 seconds or so or longer for the sensors to get enabled. After that if its a sensor that won’t update frequently you may see it stuck on unknown until either the app updates or HA core has an update. Your sensors like Mic Muted may be impacted by the unknown bug

Thanks. All of the above sensors are “unavailable” for me not “unknown”.

are the sensors turned on when you look at things in the app? Open teh app on your watch, scroll down to settings, go to manage sensors and see if they are enabled there.

Ohhhh. They were not enabled from there. Given that the phone app enables some sensors by default, I was thinking the watch was gonna do the same. Thanks, Daniel, for your quick response as always.

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Hey guys,

I’m giving an up to this issue because i’m having some trouble also with a Pixel Watch 1, it does not update unless i enabled the battery level sensor on the watch app and it is enabled on the HA entities also

Note that it was working 20 hours ago at the time i write this

Thanks for your future help ! :smiley:

It’s me again,

I found solution on my own haha.
I have updated my home assistant access with SSL (https) so my watch was not connected anymore to my instance.

So i had to logout from the watch and rebind the URL with the https URL instead of the http one.