All ZWave devices unavailable

Hi all,

This is really throwing me so appriciate any help, can’t see the wood for the tree’s at this point!

32 ZWave devices connected to Gen5 Aeotec USB stick. Home Assistant running on Virtualbox which is running on Windows 11.

Been working fine for literally years, zwave update came along that cause an issue with timeout or something. Restored backup, all seems fine again for a few weeks.

Now when I go in to manage my zwave network it says network connected by 29 devices not ready?

If I mess around enough (restart, disconnect/reconnect, restore backup) it will eventually start working again but only for a short period of time before they all fail once more.

If I open the SIL Zwave tools I can use the stick fine so it doesnt seem like the stick.

What steps should I be taking to troubleshoot?

I had the majority of my ZWave devices also drop due to an update back in July or so. I ended up having to factory reset them. Thankfully, the only things that dropped were the Wink window/door sensors (the kind that can be found 2 for $15 or so), and I needed to change the batteries in a couple anyways. Even still, it was a pain to figure out the issue. I did the same thing (restoring old backups, etc), but since then I’ve been very apprehensive about doing another update and breaking it again. They worked for years before the update broke them, and when searching the GitHub around the same time, it was a problem that many others faced as well.

To start with, look in the Home Assistant logs for errors relate to Z-Wave, and post those.

Z-Wave has been a train wreck since September’s updates. I have given up on Z-Wave-JS-UI for now, falling back to Z-Wave-JS which still seems to work for me with the Aeotec 500-series USB stick.

Every time that Z-Wave-JS-UI tries to start, it keeps disconnecting the virtual USB port from the VM. There may be a version 1.2 for the USB stick that is purported to fix the disconnects, if you want to check the online bug docs…

For this problem, you need to disable soft-reset in the Z-Wave configuration of ZUI.

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Thanks all for the input.

Typically it just decided to work on its own again, as if by magic; so I can’t troubleshoot now.

I’m sure it wont be long until its broken again and I’ll try these suggestions.

Another option that has done it for me is to power cycle your HA box (I have a Yellow Box).